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Free online hockey manager game

Are you tired of money draining manager games? Well search no more! ManagerZone is the best free hockey manager game online you will ever find! You will be handed a hockey team and it is up to you to take it from the slum into a franchise hockey club. You will do everything from Managing the economy to developing the youth academy. Scout your opponents, analyze matches and fine tune your line-ups, all with the goal to take your team to the next level!

Play hard but play fair

As a manager, your board expects you to put your soul into creating a hockey franchise. You will be able to hand pick a team of coaches that will help you train your players. You will need to scan the transfer market to find players to buy, and sell players that no longer fits the club's high standard. Build a state-of-the-art stadium and apply a personal touch to your team so that everyone knows who's the boss! You will be able to play this hockey manager game free of charge. Our experienced admin team will make sure that there is no cheating in the game, and our philosophy is that you shouldn't have to pay to win in ManagerZone! Be friendly in the forums and on the message boards but be ruthless on the ice!

ManagerZone – where legends are born

Started in 2001, this hockey manager game online have created legends for decades. You can be a legend for a lot of reasons in ManagerZone. Everything from being a world class manager, the best youth developer, the most active community user, the best trader, the money shark or simply the strategy genius. How you play ManagerZone is completely up to you. You will create your own history and there are a lot of paths you can chose to achieve your goals. You will not find a hockey manager game online with more ways to customize your team to perfection! So, stop reading this and create that account already and start your journey towards our hall of fame!