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Hockey simulator game

Welcome to the world's greatest hockey simulator game! Do you dream of managing your own Hockey team? Well now you can! ManagerZone is a hockey simulator game for strategists and hockey enthusiasts alike. It lets you live the thrilling experience of running your very own or hockey team, molding your Club in your own image, recruiting and training Players, setting your own custom Tactics and analyzing matches to pick the best players and fine tune your formations depending on the result.

Create your own history

This hockey simulator game gives you complete control over your own team and your task is to build a world class Hockey franchise! Which way you go to fulfill this mission is up to you. Whether it is to focus on buying and selling players, building from your homegrowns or just find ways to heard money until it is time to buy your world class player.

Grow with your team

In ManagerZone you can follow your Players from the first day they arrive at your Club as Youths, through the Youth and Senior Leagues until the sad day when they decide to retire. Please be advised that you will get attached to your Players and we can guarantee that some of them will disappoint you. But you will never forget the ones who develop into star players and takes your team to the next level. You will not find a hockey simulator game that gives you better tools to manage a hockey team than ManagerZone. The game has been around since 2001 and developed based on user requests. If you want to be part of something great, then this is the hockey simulator game for you! Joining in the Community activity via Forums, Private Messaging and Message Boards is one of the best parts of playing ManagerZone. You will have the chance to meet people who share the same interests as you!