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Sports simulation games

Welcome to ManagerZone, home to the best and most challenging sport simulation games you'll find online! You will need all your wit, patience and tactical know-how to make it in our games. In return, you will be rewarded with thrills beyond your wildest imagination and a game that you can play for years or even decades.

We have been making free sport simulation games since 2001 and ManagerZone is our first-born. Over time we have tweaked, updated and grown ManagerZone to make it a mirror of our users desire.

Football or Hockey - take your pick!

Whether you are in search of a football or hockey management game, you have come to the right place! Both our games offer a realistic manager experience where you will be thrown right into the action from the start. You will need to navigate yourself in a world of transfers, training and tactical dilemmas until your team is ready to take on the elite.

You can watch matches either via our immersive 3D match viewer on desktop computers or via the 2D viewer when you are on your mobile. Whether you are at home or on the bus, you will find that there is always a reason to login and find out what is going on with your team.

Your choices

In ManagerZone, the future of your team is literally in your hands. We don't control any aspect of your team, nor do we tell you what to do. Just like a real manager, you will need to make decisions and own up to them whether they pan out or not. When your club grows in stature, it is all because of you!

Your squad is packed full of young talent mixed with solid seniors and veterans. Will you let your youngsters have a run-out to gain experience? Will you play your stars every match or send them to training camp to gain skill? Will you offload some of your players to cut the bills? These are some of the questions you will need to address. How you answer them will form the future of your club and different managers will come up with different solutions.

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