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Soccer simulation game

Are you serious about soccer? So are we. We have spent almost two decades perfecting the ultimate soccer simulation game and you are just a few clixk away from finding out about the result.

Once you have taken over a team in ManagerZone you will quickly realise the many decisions a manager need to make. You are in full control of your actions and no one will decide for you what to do. Even though other soccer simulation games have a pay-to-win scheme, we are taking another route: It is your decisions making that will take you to the top in this soccer simulation game, not the amount of money you spend. Routine, gut and boldness will ultimately decide whether or not you will be a legend in ManagerZone!

Set your formations – and watch every kick in the 3D match viewer

As soon as your lineup is set, you will be able to start fine tuning your tactics. You will receive a team with everything from raw talent to experiences seniors. Will you send youth players to training camp to gain routine or field them on the pitch straight away? Will you start your stars or put them on the transfer market to try and earn some much-needed team money? Do you have a too large roster and need to fire some of them? These are just a small amount of the questions you need to make decisions on. Each of your decisions will be the steps on your exclusive path through the ManagerZone road.

A good way to be a step ahead of the competition is to analyse and scout your competitors. Regardless of division, planning is key and there is no better way of planning that to watch the matches unfold. Either in our 2D viewer or our 3D viewer.

Join the world of ManagerZone

Once you have started playing this MMO game you will soon find out that almost all of your matches are played against other human-controlled teams. By entering this world you will quickly see how fast you find rivalries and alliances that often leads to friendship.

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