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Free online manager game

We know you are sick of the pay-to-win online football manager games out there, and if you have been searching for the best football manager games for free, you just hit the jackpot. You will need all your wit, patience, creativity and tactical know-how to make it in ManagerZone. In return you will be rewarded with thrills beyond your wildest imagination and life-long friendships.

Lead your team to glory

When your team is set up, here is what is going to happen. You will be thrown into the action with just enough funds to start making your first managerial decisions, along with a squad of has-beens and aspiring youngsters. You must wait no time finding out about your squad strengths and weaknesses because you need a solid game plan to grind those first victories out. You will need to optimize your stadium to maximise revenue and fill your schedule with just enough games to keep your players happy and money flowing in. You will hire coaches and assign them to tasks to make sure the players are progressing.

Once you have your bases covered, you need a long-term plan. What kind of manager will you be? The transfer oriented wheeler-dealer? The academy expert and nurturer of home grown talent? The tactical researcher who adapts the strategy before every single game? It all comes down to who you are as a person.

A game for generations: Become part of our rich legacy

We have been making free online manager games since 2001 and ManagerZone Football is our first-born. Over time we have tweaked, updated and grown ManagerZone to make it a mirror of our users desire. It shows. Most of our dedicated managers stay for years or even decades. ManagerZone is a straight-up family affair in some cases, with fierce rivalries between father and son or between siblings, an endless source of discussion around the dinner table. At that point the game has become reality.

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