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Football simulation game

We take football seriously, and we think you do too. That is why we spent the better part of two decades perfecting what we believe is the best multiplayer football simulation game on the web.

When you take charge of a team in ManagerZone you will quickly become immersed in all the decisions that a football manager need to make. We don't control your actions or tell you what to do, and while other football simulation games go the pay-to-win route, we are doing it differently: whether you make it or not in ManagerZone is down to the decisions you make. Experience, wit and bravery is ultimately what will make you a successful manager.

Prepare for matches - and watch them unfold in 3D

From the moment you set up your team, you are in the thick of the action. Your squad is packed full of young talent mixed with solid seniors and veterans. Will you let your youngsters have a run-out to gain experience? Will you play your stars every match or send them to training camp to gain skill? Will you offload some of your players to cut the bills? These are some of the questions you will need to address. How you answer them will form the future of your club and no two managers answer them the same way.

You will need to analyze games and take notes on how your players perform, individually in their positions and collectively as a team. When playing the game through a desktop browser, you can watch matches in 3D: watch it from a broadcasting perspective or fly around the stadium and get the detailed view from anywhere you want. When you are on your mobile, our 2D match viewer is available.

A world of managers

ManagerZone is a multiplayer game at its' core and virtually all of your matches will be against other human-controlled teams. Entering this world will not only create rivalries but alliances and friendships as well. Join a federation to get the most out of our large community and battle it out against other federations in periodic events.

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