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20-05-2024 01:44
Season 90 · Week 7 · Day 49
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Red card + mirroring formation

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Please take a look at this match - Team FC Dwa Do Ósmej (256) receives red card in 90' and player no 20 repleces the defender. It 92' 256 mirrored formation, but player no 20 didn't change his position. As a result, player no 20 (not mirrored) and no 5 (mirrored) duplicate thier positions. I believe this should be corrected because any formation change + a red card results in an absurd formation and players position duplication.

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Bl: Red card + mirroring formation

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This only happens when one of your players receives a red card in the match before and thus becomes ineligible for the next match. Whichever player replaces him will not move out of position during the match, regardless of any tactical changes you make.

You probably noticed you received a red card in this match:

As expected, your carded player "A. Domin" was automatically replaced by "P. Wisniewski". This means Wisniewski can't move during the match. However, since he got a red and player number 20, "K. Erland", moved to the defense to cover for him, Erland ended up being affected by Wisniweski's glitch and didn't move.

And yes this should be fixed. The only way to avoid this mess is to manually check all your matches a day before they occur and set up a tactic without the suspended player. It's time-consuming.

Re: Red card + mirroring formation

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Thank you for explanation. Now it looks much better than I thought. Anyway, it should be fixed.
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