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02-12-2022 10:28
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TC update

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TCs are a huge disappointment for me and many others.
Depending on Training Speed, they can be a huge boost or a huge waste if time and money.

Nevertheless, almost all the players, 4TS included, actually train worse in the 1st week TC.
Worse than with a coach I mean.

So the first Update I would do would be to make the TCs 4 weeks long instead of 5.
Lots of advantages.
1. The players comes back from TC one week earlier so you can actually use him after 4 weeks pretty much improved.
2. It wouldn't be such a heavy managerial decision to play without your future talents for so long. 5 weeks = 10 rounds. That's like half of the championship.
How many of you actually lost championships because of sending your stars to very long TCs?
3. Making the TC shorter, means we can actually send more players to TC, help more players to become our club's stars of tomorrow.

I don't know if everyone knows how the TC actually works.
You send him to TC for 5 weeks.

Training Efficiency in Training Camps
The longer a player stays at a Training Camp, the more efficient his train will become. Training efficiency increases as follows:

Week Training efficiency
1 100% (normal training efficiency x 2.0)
2 150% (normal training efficiency x 2.5)
3 200% (normal training efficiency x 3.0)
4 250% (normal training efficiency x 3.5)
5 300% (normal training efficiency x 4.0)
(From the Manual)

What it doesn't say in the Manual is that current normal training is 2.0 for all the players.

Training Speed has been updated a few years ago.

So the point is that Normal training efficiency is actually worse than training with a coach.

By sending a player to 5 weeks TC, he actually trains worse for a week.

So this is what we should do:
eliminate the first week 100% trainig efficiency. Start directly with 150% and make it 4 weeks long.

I really believe that everyone agrees with me when saying that TCs are too damn long. At least we can agree on this one unanimously, right?

The second update I would do is make the TC exchange open.
It means that we can have 1, 2 or 3 choices, whatever skills you want, not choose them from existing packages.
Just like with the YCC.
Maybe the players needs Keeping and setplays or maybe the player has shooting and keeping as HP and I would like to see if one of them reaches 10.

The third Update I would do is the hardest, that's why I saved it for last and I agree it should be discussed separately if you like the idea. So, my main suggestions are actually the first two.
Increase the training boost period.
I am pretty sure that most of you don't know that...
Training Boost
Every time a Player is moved to a new zone on the Training Field, he receives a short-term boost in that attribute, which is represented by a small green puck next to his skill pucks.
(also from the Manual)
What do you understand by "short-term"? One week? I guess that's the idea.
Make it 2 weeks.
This way you can actually make it a managerial decision.
Because I didn't actually feel it. This short period training boost. 1TS and most of the 2TS are still too slow.
If you're wondering HOW is this a managerial decision. Well, if I would be able to choose between continuing traing a keeper from 9 to 10 and moving him to a new skill having keep 9 and coming back to keep 10 after he receives that other skill, what do you think I would choose? Even though I lose the the "short-term" training boost, I still get him closer to keep 10 very day.

I know that my third suggestion is also corect. But I think it should be discussed separately because I would actually go even further with it. Not "short-term". I would actually make it "3 skills-term" id est remove the "short-term" completely. Introduce a new rule. "Long term" after receiving a new ball/puck and ONLY if you move the player on two other skills, and then coming back to your first skill.

It sounds complicated...
Let me give you an example.
You have a 3HP speed shooting.
What do we do now? Most of you put him on shooting and forget about it until he reaches shooting 9 or 10. If your player is 3TS or 4TS, he will train excellent. It doesn't matter if his speed stamina control is at 0-1 and you don't care.
But what of you would be able to receive traing boost with every new skill you train him? Would you care then?
For e.g. you train him shoot 3, then speed 1, then stamina 1, then come back to shoot 4 and repeat the cycle, KNOWING that by doing this, your player will train faster.
So, instead of actually finishing his youth period (from 16 to 18) having like 30 balls/pucks with shoot 10, he can actually become a 19 year old with like 40-45 balls/pucks with shoot 9 speed 8 stamina 8.
Would you care then?
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Re: TC update

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Errata: sorry for writing "players" instead of "player" a few times.
I'm writing on my phone. It's faster and easier, even though typos may appear on the way.

Re: TC update

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i think you have missunderstand this.
"Every time a Player is moved to a new zone on the Training Field, he receives a short-term boost in that attribute, which is represented by a small green puck next to his skill pucks."

I am 99% sure this is what the green dot means:

The green dot is not about traning speed. But the green dot indicates that the player gets a boost in that attribut ( in games) you can boost any attribute even red attributes, aslong they are not 10. So you can train your players in the attribute you want during the nights., and then during the day ( or atleast 1 hour before a game ) put the player in the attribute you want to get a small boost. but remember to put the player back to his traning spot so you dont loose any training :)

And regarding TC, I like that you have to do choices with the TC right now. But sometimes i agree that it is a very long time the players is not avaivable for games. but by shortering the CAmps and still maintain the same traning speed total should also give some more EXPERIENCE to the players since they get 1 more week with matchets etc.. so there is alot of things to take into konsideration when you change traningspeed,

Re: TC update

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Thank you.
This is why we should focus on the first two suggestions.
The third suggestion should be discussed separately, make a new thread.

I didn't actually say that Training Speed should be changed.
My suggestions are based on the current traing speed.
I'm no Maths expert, but the calculations are not exactly correct.
2.5 x 1 is not equal to 1.5 × 2.
Anyway, the point is that it's just wrong to have players training worse in TC.

Re: TC update

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@swaan1 you are right, but there is more that meets the eye. If you change the trained skill, you will receive a short-term traing boost.
Id est you can help your player train faster for a very short period of time.
This means that if you train more skills, he can gain more balls/pucks.

I felt compelled to explain this, because it seems like we started out on the wrong foot with this thread.

So, let's just focus on the first two, and see what happens.

If you like, we can create a different thread only for the third suggestion.

Thank you.
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