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Just started my club. I’ve read about federations although I have no idea what the benefits are or even what exactly it is. Maybe someone can help me out?
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A federation is basically a place that brings together managers who share the same interests or who can relate to each other in some way. So, for example, there are federations for people who live in a specific country or region, federations for people who support a specific team in real life, and many others.

I see there is something written in spanish in your team page so I assume you're latin. Supposing that this assumption is true, we could agree that a federation like MZFLUSA - MZ Federacion Latina USA, for example, would fit your profile (if you wish to join a federation, that is).

There are no remarkable ingame benefits to joining a federation, but the social aspect could be worth it and here is a list of things that could happen: meeting new people, taking part in the regular friendly leagues, representing a federation on non-official competitions (like the Desafio Argentino). Oh and you also get a discount to official cups during the league of federations tour.

If you still have any questions, let me know
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