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How many players do you have?

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I'm intrigued to know how many players teams have?

I assume people have 100s as they have far too much cash is what I've read.

So let's say you have minimum 11 starters with subs. So 16 and 23 from youth squad thats 39 players off the bat.

1 step further and you have a reserve training squad. That's 55.

Does anyone have more on top of this?

I'm guessing the max you can have and train at any one time is

55 senior. 11 skills x 5 training.
23 youths.

So the max is 88? Maybe 13 more in theory if you used training camps for seniors. But im guessing this isn't the done thing?

So 88 is max? Am I right or wrong?

Do people have 88 players?
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Re: How many players do you have?

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There are maximums for number of players who can train - 42 for senior field and 23 for youths. This would make 65 a good top number unless you had a few players who were maxed in all skills and didn't need to have them on the training field. Having that many players can be quite expensive.

Training camps usually don't make sense for players over 24 years old as the benefit in minimal.

Re: How many players do you have?

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I actually recently expanded my squads size and if you are interested just read this wall of text how I handle things.

Senior (15 players)
My senior squad consists of 11 opening players and 4 subs, no keeper. Sub keeper isn't that important imo so he comes from U23 squad. Earlier I only had 11 opening players no subs. They all were counted as U23 players for the team that I just held in bench for seniors. Thats why my current subs are bit young as I just recently made the change to expand the bench im aiming to have 24-27 yo players there that arent quite ready to opening but still have great potential to play high senior level.

Opening 11

U23 / Reserve Squad (17 players)
Here I aim to have players as follows 9 Defensive, 6 Attacking and 2 Goalkeepers. U23 is competetive category with its official cups so I try to do my best in the easiest cups while training potential players for my senior squad. I do also keep some filler players to do better in those competitions and sell them when they are not needed anymore. Filler players doesn't get camped during the season ect. Currently im having 1 too many defensive players in my U23 squad tho and thinking about selling someone and ofc my subs are playing for this team aswell cos some of them are eligible.


U18 (23 players)
Nothing much here to explain as I checked your players aswell before doing this. Currently atleast you are having the same distribution as I have (8-8-7). Can't see the players tho so gonna just tell my player profiles with the age groups. 8 player groups have 4 defensive, 3 attacking and 1 goalkeeper and in 7 player groups I take 1 defensive player out. If you are playing U18 competitions you want to have max aged goalkeeper with proper training available every season and have slightly more defensive players as you are going to probably have more players in defensive positions than attacking. Same method is actually used in U23 distribution.

In total I have then 55 players. The real issue when training players isn't how many you can fit into the training field it's the training camps as they are more limited and essential aspect of players training.

Training Camps
You always want to send the potential players to the 5 week training camp so they train faster and get to their maximum potential as fast as possible so they play in their maximum potential as long as possible. At my current benefits from tours ect I have 14 TC places to use. Its not the most you can have but I have managed well with that amount of them. Technically when there is 13 weeks in ManagerZone we can only have 28 player per season to be camped in my case. Ofc we are using the remaining 3 weeks aswell for full camp so the last set of players will go over the season and every now and then im gonna hit the wall where I need to make decisions that who isn't going to get TC that season at all. Usually tho in my case atleast im not running into that problem often cos I dont have 42 players to camp every season. The number is somewhere between 30-40. If I need to make this kind of decisions I usually start dropping camps from U18 keepers as keepers isn't valued high in money in the game so investing valuable camps over other players isn't good decision imo.

So the next thing is camping players balanced way. You cant send your entire U18 or U23 squad to camp at the same time if you play competitions. With the 14 available spots U23 squad gets 6 spots and U18 8 spots. U23 to stay competitive usually it goes 3 Defensive, 2 Attacking and 1 Keeper is at the camp same time. It leaves me with 6 Defensive, 4 Attacking and 1 Keeper to play the games with. U18 usually I wait with the 18 yo all the way end of the season to decide are they worth keeping in U23 squad or not. That pretty much decides if they get that season a camp or not. So the left 8 spots usually goes with the mix of 16 and 17 yo players.

During the season U23 gets like 15~ and U18 gets 20~ training camp places. With 28 training camps I go over like with 7 players per season with the remaining 3 weeks.

My player salaries alone are at 355k€ per week and my whole team expenses are 507k€ running team this way is really expensive but I have found it challenging and fun. What comes to player camp costs I try to stay in 1.5M€ season budget, but for example last season I spent 1.7M€ for training camps.

Well trained players also sell high so last season I made 4.7M€ from selling players. Also I do pretty well in Uxx and Senior cups that brings me revenue. National and Season cup to mention atleast for me. It can vary where you come from or when you started the game.

Man this turned out as mini tutorial but I hope it helps or brings you new ideas to tweak your team. Hoping its easy to read and understandable if you have anymore questions im happy to answer those.

Re: How many players do you have?

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Great read. Thank you. Definitely something to sink my teeth into. I'll give it another read later. Just heading off for a meeting now.

Really appreciate the input brother.

Re: How many players do you have?

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Great information. Very well put together plan for your squad and training program.

I know what you mean about some players not being good enough to camp, I had several weeks at the end of last season where I had open camp spaces but no one who was worthy of the extra training due to their maxing.
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