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28-01-2021 02:20
Season 77 · Week 4 · Day 24
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Blocking players from Guestbook and Chat

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Since the 'no player advertising button' doesn't do anything.
I would like a function to block managers from posting in my guestbook and chatting to me. Today the user renanetriz spammed my guestbook, clearly saying I DON'T WANT PLAYER Advertising. Reporting managers to the game also does nothing i assume?
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Re: Blocking players from Guestbook and Chat

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I’ve brought this up on the admin forum recently and I feel the punishment for disregarding the “no player advertising” isn’t good enough. I asked for stronger punishment and also the ability to report player advertisements through IM’s too.

Atm, the only way is to report the user to support where it will go on their record and the punishments will become more severe with multiple breaches.
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