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27-11-2020 17:36
Season 76 · Week 8 · Day 53
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Welcome to the ManagerZone Hockey Forum, the meeting place of our great community! Whether you want to chat about your last match, top up your tactical knowledge or exchange hockey banter with fellow managers across the world, this is the place to do it. But first, please make sure you read - and follow - our Forum Rules. For even more information about using the Forum, read the manual.

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Cup Talk

Are you arranging a cup using friendlies? Announce it here or chat about the official cups.

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Latest updated topic:
looking FL - maklaudas, 14-11-2020 12:13

Friendly matches

Need friendlies, wanna beat somebody or get beaten, wanna try some tricky tactics - this is a right place for it. Get on - arrange friendlies here together with other managers seeking for the same.

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Latest updated topic:
Doubles all week - ruks, Today 15:52

ManagerZone talk

Who is the oldest player in MZ?, Vote about my new team name. This is where you place anything that won't fit in Q/A or Suggestions, but that still concerns ManagerZone.

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MZ Hockey SIM improvement - raufselcuk, Today 12:55

Open Discussion

Got things to talk about that do not relate to ManagerZone? Use this forum.

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Help - brian_mcsnail, Yesterday 19:15

Questions & Answers

Do you need help? Ask here!

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I think ... it`s no fair ... ... I still pay real money for this - forzberg, Tuesday 08:16


What can we do better? Got suggestions?

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Latest updated topic:
No more Ridiculous Bases! - gudfadern_86, 14-11-2020 22:59


The forum where you advertise any player that you have put up for sale.

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Latest updated topic:
Raven Cubs (Kugun yavruları) - hawk72, Yesterday 18:39