What are Federations?

A Federation is a social group for Managers with common interests to play and compete together in ManagerZone. Some of the Federations in ManagerZone have been in existence for nearly 10 years.

Many Federations organise internal competitions through Friendly Leagues and Cups, some Federations will compete in Friendly competitions with other Federations.

Federations are also known by different names in different parts of the world. Other names include Clans or Guilds.

Each Federation is different, the thing they all in common is the enjoyment of ManagerZone.

The Federation project will be released in several Phases. We are in Phase 2 now.

ManagerZone is a Manager game and everything we do is tied in some way to "Manager" or "Zone" or "Game".
Federations focus more on the "Zone" side, by improving how our Managers can communicate and share information, join activities and build the social and community side of ManagerZone.

The Federation project has already given everyone the new notification system - we released it before the Federation launch because it was too good to wait and it has brought fresh life to many of the Message Boards. We have a lot of plans to include more events and filters as notifications evolve.

What are Official Federations?

An official Federation is one created using the Federation feature. The Federation tools are built to help Federation members with the administration tasks that can be very time consuming.

The tools have been developed based on the feedback that we have received and these tools will continue to evolve.

Official Federations are stored in the ManagerZone database, so we can store and share statistics for Federation events and support future Federation competitions.

What is a Federation Pass?

A Federation Pass allows you to join up to 5 Federations at any one time. You only need to purchase the Federation Pass once. If you join 5 Federations, then leave them, you will be able to join up to 5 different Federations with no charge; You can do this as often as you wish.

The small fee for the Federation Pass is used to pay for the development of new Federation features and to contribute to the upkeep of the site and the storage of your Federation data.

Federation passes are not sport specific, so a silver pass allows you to be member of 5 Football and 5 Hockey Federations at the same time.

A Gold Pass allows you to be member of 20 Football and 20 Hockey Federations at the same time. A Gold Pass can be purchased after you have used your 5 Silver pass slots.

What is a Gold Federation Pass?

A Gold Federation Pass allows you to join up to 20 Federations at any one time.

What is a Federation Charter?

A Federation Charter allows you to found your own Federation and become it's first President.

What is the Federation Founder?

The Federation Founder is the Manager who created the Federation. Even if a new Manager becomes the President in the Future, the Founder will always be remembered.

What is the Federation President?

The Federation President is the leader of the Federation. The President has access to many different administration tools including polls. We will develop more tools for Presidents to use in later phases of Federations. The President will be able to promote/demote Managers within their Federation, hold polls, start elections and many other important actions.

Can the President change?

A President can appoint a new President. If the President leaves the Federation, or quits the game, the second longest serving Manager in the Federation will be automatically promoted to President.

How will Presidential elections work? (Not until Phase 3)

The President must call the election. Anyone in the Federation may stand as a candidate and a President may be re-elected as many times as they win.

There will be four phases to the election.
Phase 1:
Submit name for candidacy.
Phase 2:
Voting Round 1
Phase 3:
Voting Round 2 – Top 3 candidates progress.
Phase 4:
Result, President is confirmed and appointed.

If the President requests and is agreed by a Federation Poll, Crew will set up automatic elections for a Federation that will occur at a set time each season or year.

What is a Federation Poll?

A Poll is a multi choice vote in which all eligible members may participate. The questions are set by the President and can cover any topic. The results of the Poll are visible to everyone in the Federation.

A poll begins when the President creates them, and the President can chose how long each poll last (1 – 10 days)

Can members of a Federation be removed?

The Federation President and eligible members are granted tools to allow them to remove lower ranked members from the Federation.

In later stages Federations will be able to change their rules so a member can only be removed if 60% of those who vote agree. The President can convert the Federation to this system, but the change is then permanent.

What are Federation Ranks and Titles?

A Federation Rank or Title is the name given to the different levels of membership within a Federation. The Ranks/Titles are created by the President and differ from Federation to Federation.

Released as part of Phase 2.
In phase 4, the President may grant access to some of the Federation administration tools to different ranks within the Federation.

Federations Competitions?

We are developing tools to allow Federations to play more internal competitions, that will be recorded as Official Federation events. These will include Friendly Leagues and Friendly Cups, and in the longer term, Friendly Divisions.

We also have plans to support Federation versus Federation competitions.


Your Profile page will display the badges for all the Federations you have joined. Your primary Federation badge will be shown in your forum posts. A default badge is displayed until your President uploads an official Federation badge!

My Federation recruits new Manager to ManagerZone!

Social Federations are a great way for new Managers to find friends, or for existing friends to enjoy ManagerZone. Federations receive acknowledgement for new Managers who join their Federation within 14 days of starting ManagerZone.

Federations who are active and recruit new Managers into MangerZone will be rewarded. Only the first Federation they join will receive the acknowledgement.