Chapter IV: Your First Season

In this chapter, we will share a number of useful tips and hints that may help you during your first few seasons in the game. This advice is designed to help you avoid making costly or long-term mistakes, and set your team on a path to success.

Remember though, YOU are the Manager, and every decision is yours to make!

Stadium template
Type Amount
VIP Seats150
Hotdog Stand16
Fast Food Outlet10
Souvenir Shop6

Expand your Stadium for the future

Healthy finances are vital for short- and long-term success. If you have no Team Money you cannot train properly, buy Players, pay wages, support your Youth Academy or develop your Stadium. Your Stadium and facilities should be your starting point for developing long-term revenues.

The template on the left offers one example of what a healthy Stadium and facilities could look like for a mid-level (Division 4, 5 and 6) team.

As you gain more experience, you should further develop your Stadium, particularly as you rise through the divisions. Higher division teams attract more fans, so their Stadiums need to be larger.

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Training is the key to success!

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Which Tactic should I use?

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Hints for healthy finances

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Welcome Cups

Your Chairman has arranged for your team to compete in a series of free Official Welcome Cups to give you a first taste of an exciting Cup competition.

This gives you an early chance to win a Cup and enjoy competing in an official competition as well as bringing in good revenue for your Club.

You must accept the invitation by signing on the Cup page.

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