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Gold Club Member kevinmicha 29-08-2023 16:16
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Hi guys!

A friendly cup will be launched soon due to our participation in this season's Federation Tour. I will choose the same set-up as last time: no age limit, match every day 18h CET, maximum number of teams per group (14), two of them advance to the next round, two matches with each opponent.

Do you agree? See you and keep participating!
Legendary Club Member maxwellsmart81 25-07-2023 18:26
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I guess we already have a personalized trophy for the Assistants Cup!
Now that I finally won it! xd
Gold Club Member kevinmicha 22-06-2023 10:59
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Hi guys, what do you think about participating in the League of Federations? I would love to see the xAs win some clashes.
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