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Senior Club Member maria171 17-01-2022 13:19
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Please give a warm welcome to our newest compatriot penang8501!
I still didn't get his name yet. 😂😅 Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here. 🤗

Anything, can ask Syah (hardcoreage) hehe.
Senior Club Member maria171 28-12-2021 15:28
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Sorry guys for being late, just want to wish Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and also Happy Holidays and Happy New Year (in the next few days) to everyone. May everything you want to achieve in your life comes true. 😉
Senior Club Member maria171 05-10-2021 03:38
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Welcome to our latest member/compatriot - Amapala! 🤗

Selamat datang and Enjoy your stay here. 😉
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