Legendary Club Member jorben 19-02-2024 19:51
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permiso ..-----si alguien no tiene donde jugar el clash yo necesito 5 equipos en TAADA( ) y 2 mas en PV ( )

gracias y disculpen la molestia

permission..-----if someone doesn't have where to play the clash I need 5 teams in TAADA ( and 2 more in PV (https: // )

thank you and sorry for the inconvenience
Elite Club Member gordola 09-02-2024 00:37
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💢 Super League Managerzone Ed III - T. 89

PJ: Matches Played (first number represents the senior date played and the second number the youth date played.

🙏🏻 Please consult any inconsistency or data that you do not understand. It is manually loaded and there may be errors.

Thank you
Elite Club Member gordola 08-02-2024 00:48
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Does anyone need a link for the bonus?

We have places in a senior league from top division to div 2.
Legendary Club Member jorben 02-02-2024 22:34
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hello everyone
Permission Mr. President to send an invitation

Friendly Cup »
Panza Verde 5

Deadline: 02-18-2024 00:57
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Friendly Cup »
Your attitude, not aptitude, determines your altitude 5

02-18-2024 01:00

if it sucks, let me know that I delete

Greetings and I wait for you all

hola a todos
Permiso señor presidente para enviar una invitación

Copa Amistosa »
Panza verde 5

Fecha límite: 18-02-2024 00:57

Copa Amistosa »
Tu actitud,no aptitud,determina tu altitud 5

18-02-2024 01:00

si jode avisen que borro

saludos y los espero a todos
Elite Club Member gordola 12-01-2024 13:28
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💢 Super League Managerzone Ed III - T. 89

This free competition aims to show the best team of the season by adding up the points of the 4 official leagues (World League does not participate).
🎖️ Senior League
🎖️ u18 League
🎖️ u21 League
🎖️ U23 League

With the sum of points from all competitions we will make the general table taking into account the division in which each user participates. This means that a top user will get more points per match won compared to a team in division 2.

Reference table: (additional points)
✅ Top: Multiply by 5
✅ Div 1: Multiply by 3
✅ Div 2: Multiplies by 2
✅ Div 3: Multiply by 1,5
✅ Div 4-5: Multiply by 1

To make the competition more attractive we divide it into 2 regions.

🌍 Region 1 with the following countries Argentina, China, Sweden, Brazil, Romania, Turkey and Poland.

🌏 Region 2 with the rest of the countries such as Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, United States, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Spain.

💪🏻 In edition III we have more than 70 registered users !!!!!!!

Do you want to participate?
See more