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03-07-2024 09:00
Season end:
13-08-2024 15:00
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14-08-2024 09:00
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16-08-2024 16:00
Season end:
24-09-2024 15:00

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To qualify for the upcoming season of the Federations League, your First Team federation must have at least one first team member at any point between 03-07-2024 09:00 and 14-08-2024 09:00.

Federations League Introduction

How to get involved
In the Federations League, all federations in ManagerZone compete against each other to settle who is truly the strongest. Federations League is free of charge and open to all federations and all users. To be included, a federation must contain at least one First Team member between the dates specified above. If you are not yet in a First Team, you must join a Federation, apply for First Team membership and then get picked by the team leaders.

Play clashes
In a clash, you must pick one opponent from the rival federation and challenge them a maximum of two times. Once you've picked an opponent, no other regular First Team member can challenge that user. However, key members can play one additional challenge against any opponent. When the clash is over, the federation with the most points will have won the clash.

Battle for promotion
During a season, all federations in a division group play each other in a series of clashes. The season consists of 11 rounds which take roughly 40 days to complete. One regular ManagerZone season consists of two Federations League seasons. The top federations from each league group is promoted and the bottom ones are relegated.