U21 World Cup 2020: First Round!

25-08-2020 13:00

The wait is finally over... the first round of U21 World Cup 2020 starts today. Reigning champions China with head manager vanjoge in charge - open against Hungary, while last years silver medalists Spain - lead by head manager moroh2o - open against Portugal.

You can watch any of the opening matches directly in the 2D-viewer by clicking one of the 2D icons below. All matches start 20:00 CET!

Round 1: 20:00 CET

Group 1
2D U21 Brazil X - X U21 Australia
2D U21 Romania X - X U21 Bulgaria

Group 2
2D U21 Spain X - X U21 Portugal
2D U21 Peru X - X U21 Switzerland

Group 3
2D U21 Argentina X - X U21 Uruguay
2D U21 China X - X U21 Hungary

Group 4
2D U21 Greece X - X U21 Norway
2D U21 United States X - X U21 Mexico

Group 5
2D U21 Colombia X - X U21 Lithuania
2D U21 Estonia X - X U21 Ecuador

Group 6
2D U21 Netherlands X - X U21 Turkey
2D U21 Indonesia X - X U21 Venezuela

Group 7
2D U21 Sweden X - X U21 Italy
2D U21 Denmark X - X U21 Ireland

Group 8
2D U21 Finland X - X U21 Belgium
2D U21 Chile X - X U21 Poland