U21 World Cup 2020: groups drawn!

19-08-2020 16:00

The U21 World Cup 2020 begins on August 25 and earlier today the groups were drawn. Reigning champions China were drawn in Group 3 along with Argentina, Hungary and Uruguay, while last year's finalists Spain ended up in Group 2 with Peru, Portugal and Switzerland.

To ensure active engagement in all National Team cups, only countries with an elected National Coach are invited to participate in each cup.

Match Schedule
Day 50 (August 25): Round 1
Day 54 (August 29): Round 2
Day 57 (September 1): Round 3

Day 68 (September 12): Round of 16
Day 71 (September 15): Quarterfinals
Day 75 (September 19): Semifinals
Day 78 (September 22): Final round
Previous Winners
2019: China (jian67891110)
2018: Turkey (best_modell)
2017: Greece (birginia)
2016: Argentina (juanbocchio)
2015: Romania (elsacco)
2014: Turkey (black_etol)
2013: Italy (scorpions)
2012: Sweden (trashbadass)
2011: Turkey (kaka17)
2010: Romania (intzepatorii)
2009: Italy (fed865)
2008: Sweden (manguel)
2007: Belgium (timmichiels)
Group 1
U21 Brazil
U21 Australia
U21 Romania
U21 Bulgaria
Group 2
U21 Spain
U21 Portugal
U21 Peru
U21 Switzerland
Group 3
U21 Argentina
U21 Uruguay
U21 China
U21 Hungary
Group 4
U21 Greece
U21 Norway
U21 United States
U21 Mexico
Group 5
U21 Colombia
U21 Lithuania
U21 Estonia
U21 Ecuador
Group 6
U21 Netherlands
U21 Turkey
U21 Indonesia
U21 Venezuela
Group 7
U21 Sweden
U21 Italy
U21 Denmark
U21 Ireland
Group 8
U21 Finland
U21 Belgium
U21 Chile
U21 Poland

Each group is seeded with 2 first place finishers and 2 second place finishers from the qualification round.

Good luck to all participants!