Best of the best from from Season 74/66

13-07-2020 12:00

Season 74 in football and Season 66 in hockey have ended and Crew would like to take a moment to recognize some of the great cup achievements from the previous season:

World Cup 2020 Belgium mwosle
Champions Cup - Season 74 Unidad de Matanza polanyii
Cup Winners Cup - Season 74 Pakorro AFC pakorro
Top Teams Cup - Season 74 MAFFIAN cannava
Summer Cup - 2020 EssenceBlood legendaryboy52
U18 Champions Cup - Season 74 Rondinone F.C - FDFDF rondyy
U21 Champions Cup - Season 74 Xerém Academy megavini2
U23 Champions Cup - Season 74 aceptick 《T€Tra》 brick josechilepulgar03
European Championship 2020 Slovakia mmaros
Confederations Cup 2020 Argentinajuanbocchio
Champions Cup - Season 66 Steel Spiders cosminacho
Cup Winners Cup - Season 66 Azul Sharks Ice juanbocchio
Top Teams Cup - Season 66 Nogykede AC petricadorneanu
Summer Cup - 2020 Nogykede AC petricadorneanu
U18 Champions Cup - Season 66 MENDACI SERVI demis27
U21 Champions Cup - Season 66 Platypus on the Rocks HC
U23 Champions Cup - Season 66 Shen an Calhar gudfadern_86

Congratulations to everyone who made the most out of last season and good luck in the new one!