Best of the best from from Season 73/65

17-04-2020 18:00

Season 73 in football and Season 65 in hockey have ended and Crew would like to take a moment to recognize some of the great cup achievements from the previous season:

U21 Confederations Cup 2020 Brazilrussomg
U21 European Championship 2020 Poland aimar79
Champions Cup - Season 73 FC Mims giodm
Cup Winners Cup - Season 73 Ultra Copos FC ™ firewolf030229
Top Teams Cup - Season 73 FC Bal op het Dak nehemah
Spring Cup - 2020 Unidad de Matanza polanyii
U18 Champions Cup - Season 73 Acercate Y Patea de Lejos gershocc
U21 Champions Cup - Season 73 CS Unirea Sannicolau Mare kanghenzonga
U23 Champions Cup - Season 73 Garden Warriors U23 thiagocunha
U21 World Cup 2020 Romania bussy_the_best
Champions Cup - Season 65 Rathmore Lime Tree agapitod
Cup Winners Cup - Season 65 Balgat Ice Hockey Clubtanman
Top Teams Cup - Season 65 MAFFIAN cannava
Spring Cup - 2020 2008★ WWF Comarruga ★S19 masterkike
U18 Champions Cup - Season 65 MAFFIAN cannava
U21 Champions Cup - Season 65 Dinamita on Ice
U23 Champions Cup - Season 65 Espigão Steamrollers ronaldo_siqueira

Congratulations to everyone who made the most out of last season and good luck in the new one!