Slow load times will improve

08-04-2020 17:00

Over the last month or so, activity in ManagerZone has increased by 30%. This is caused in part by an upsurge in active managers (with plenty of newly registered accounts), but also because managers visit more frequently. While this is good news for all of us who love this game, in an otherwise difficult period of our lives, it also means that our servers are running marathons in order to cope. If you have noticed slower loading times, particularly in the forums, that is why.

Please know that we are currently optimizing our servers, and that we are working on getting additional ones installed.

Even though the slower load times are annoying, we are thrilled that more users are playing the game. This makes our community stronger and the game more entertaining. This is of course positive for the future of ManagerZone.

Thank you for your patience!