LOF#13 Challenge

03-12-2019 14:00

Ready for a challenge? The League of Federation #13 is currently in session and, as always, it's a competition between the Federations of ManagerZone. But this time we will throw in an individual goal for you as well!

In order to compete, simply join LOF pool Friendly Leagues like you normally would. As always, you contribute 4 points for winning a League while anything else contributes 1 point. But this time, all points you contribute (for any federation, or for several different federations if you prefer) will also be added towards your own personal score!

You have until the League of Federation finishes to gain as many points as you can. Note that any LOF pool Friendly Leagues you have already joined will also count towards your total score.

Badges and Rewards

Contribute 20-29 points in total:

+ 1 Loyal Player
+ 10 Instant Match Credits
+ Emerald Milestone Badge

Contribute 30-49 points in total:

+ 2 Loyal Player
+ 15 Instant Match Credits
+ Purple Milestone Badge

Contribute 50 points or more in total:

+ 3 Loyal Players
+ 20 Instant Match Credits
+ Black Milestone Badge

After the League of Federations has concluded we will hand out all rewards. We will also publish a top 100 list of users who score the most points in the LOF#13 Challenge. Good luck!