Best of the best from last season!

14-01-2019 10:00

Season 68 in football and Season 60 in hockey have ended and Crew would like to take a moment to recognize some of the great cup achievements from the previous season:

Confederations Cup 2018 Venezuela dodonpa
European Championship 2018 Netherlands de_dominee
Champions Cup - Season 68 Olympiacos FC andykorp
Cup Winners Cup - Season 68 SuRpRiSe grzenek
Top Teams Cup - Season 68 ESKI AçIK SARI DESENE gorbi
Endurance Cup - S68 Gaia Futura 2349 hanzinho
U18 Champions Cup - Season 68 ◇Mz.Dream◆Lighter FC jjwaizi
U21 Champions Cup - Season 68 四川雅安隐者俱乐部队 identity
U23 Champions Cup - Season 68 ҜƗŇǤ YOUNG FLU saulo_felix
World Cup 2018 Romania cosminacho
Champions Cup - Season 60 Green Hell R.I.P. ericmd jacksonhv
Cup Winners Cup - Season 60 Lights Outowen3
Top Teams Cup - Season 60 HCMIT Craiova mihairo
Endurance Cup - S60 Lund Lunatics jiim
U18 Champions Cup - Season 60 BURNABY JOE jsakic19
U21 Champions Cup - Season 60 Piast Choszczno
U23 Champions Cup - Season 60 MAFFIAN cannava

Congratulations to everyone who made the most out of last season and good luck in the new one!