Season Break Tour! - Winter Holiday Special!

19-12-2018 10:00

The season is coming to an end. Matches have been won, matches have been lost and hopefully you have been able to reach your seasonal targets. With only a few weeks remaining, there is still time for one last push: take part in the Season Break Tour to give next season a flying start.

To secure the awards, you must fulfil one of the missions between December 19, 10.00 CET and January 2, 23.59 CET. If you complete the tour, all awards will be added to your account on January 3.


To complete the tour you must fulfil at least one of the following two missions.

Compete and play in 2 or more different Friendly Leagues

The friendly leagues must be started (the creator pressing the 'Start the League' button or a friendly league pool becoming full) between the tour dates to qualify.


Play 18 Friendlies

Play at least 18 friendlies between the tour dates.


€600,000 in team money and 1 loyal player, aged 21, or optionally, €300,000 in team money and 3 loyal players (4 in hockey), aged 21. Make your choice in the tour widget on the Clubhouse page.
Milestone badge. Complete the tour to earn the Season Break Tour milestone badge or upgrade it to a higher tier.

Special gift!

Since the winter holiday is around the corner we have added 1 extra loyal player compared to the usual Season Break Tour award, regardless of which award you choose (included in the numbers above).

Happy holidays!

A reminder...

If you completed the Season Break Tour last season you are currently benefiting from the 17th Anniversary bonus award of 2 additional training camp places. Please note that these will be removed once the Season Break Tour awards are added on Day 87.