League of Federations 9 - Final results review!

18-12-2018 11:00

The headlines: KLAN Federation steals the limelight in the football League of Federations with another dominant display, demolishing all competition, with a margin of almost 500 points to the runner-up BAD BOYS FEDERATIONS. In hockey, ZHL Maraton collected their fifth black trophy as they swooped aside Hockey Federation, who are still searching for their first black trophy after a series of very decent attempts.

Final results in football

Pos. Trophy Federation President Points
1 KLAN Federation vascobelo 1 413
2 BAD BOYS FEDERATIONS napoleon72 916
3 Til Dovre faller manekaster 817
4 ONLY BEST TEAMS kolejnaciebie 450
5 Brava en serio ... a no Mariconear rubencapo 442
6 ★☆★FED ★☆★ XENEIZE★☆★ tita28 414
7 【FEDERACIÓN RIVER PLATE】 edbizzarro 387
8 Nuevas Generaciones Argentinas dtcastelli 369
9 Federação Centro-Oeste do Managerzone nandozandarin 368
10 MANAGERZONE POLAND chrismaster22 341

Final results in hockey

Pos. Trophy Federation President Points
1 ZHL Maraton mwickholm 448
2 Hockey Federation kjelle1 418
3 Федерация хоккея России rudzov 293
4 Federación Patagónica de Hockey cristianwilde 266
5 Danish Vikings jamus 250
6 Confederação Brasileira de Hockey Manager Zone luiscchagas 223
7 KHL stepantaps 137
8 Československá federace martinczk 120
9 BRASIL - U18 National Hockey League mukisso 115
9 Managerzone Poland az19krzysiek 115

Until next time...

Badges and trophies have already been distributed. If you completed the tour you have been added to an official cup (find it here: soccer, hockey). Make sure to set your tactic in time for the first round starting on Monday!

If you are the president in a participating federation, don't forget to select settings for your internal federation cup.

We want to thank everyone for being part of the ninth edition of League of Federations and we look forward to the upcoming edition next season!