Congratulations Globetrotters - We made it!

17-12-2018 16:30

Congratulations Globetrotters of 2018!

The last couple of cups of this amazing trip are currently in play, but we would already now like to thank you for joining us in one or several of the 24 action-filled cups, played in 12 beautiful locations over course of 4 seasons - it has been a pleasure having you onboard!

In February we went off to Trinidad - where the waves are always green. We continued to Mar del Plata, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Warsaw, Alice Springs, Ankara, Yushan, Lofoten, Gothenburg until we in December reached our final destination, Linköping - The headquarters of ManagerZone.

Milestone badges have now been updated and awards delivered for all managers who have reached a higher tier after this season's cups. You can admire your milestone badge here. If you were one of the 110 ultimate globetrotters in football or 26 in hockey who joined us on each and every destination and participated in all 24 cups, you have now been rewarded 25 Instant Match Credits for your loyalty and commitment.

Have a great ending to the year and hopefully we will see each other on another worldwide journey next year!