Heading towards Angels Cup, Gothenburg

30-11-2018 10:00

Have you ever seen the brilliant wildflowers and unique wildlife in the deserts of Alice Springs, Australia? Or perhaps strolled through the beautiful parks and beaches of Mar del Plata, Argentina? Well, now you have the chance!

We will stumble on fantastic locations on our worldwide tour, and of course, cups will be played on all lines of latitude. Committed globetrotters will be awarded with both milestone badge and prizes, making this yearly journey worth its while. Join us from the beginning, or unite with us along the way.

Last call for Lofoten. Heading towards Gothenburg!

Northern Lights Tour, Lofoten is about to start but there are still a few days left to join. We have also opened up the doors for the second to last destination of our journey: Angels Cup in Gothenburg. Unite with the other globetrotters and take part in the great tournaments played in the beautiful countries Norway and Sweden.

Accepting entries
Northern Lights Tour, Lofoten 2018

U21 Northern Lights Tour, Lofoten 2018

Last day to join: Day 55 (Sunday, December 2)

Angels Cup, Gothenburg 2018

U21 Angels Cup, Gothenburg 2018

Last day to join: Day 62 (Sunday, December 9)

By joining one or more of these cups you have taken one step towards becoming a certified globetrotter 2018.

Being a globetrotter should be rewarded. How committed you will be is up to you, and will be reflected in your award. Read more about what it takes to become a globetrotter and earn World League passes here.

To be continued...