Play the Classic World Cup Stars challenge!

02-07-2018 15:40

Just like all of you, we are super excited that the World Cup is finally starting! Megastars like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Griezmann are queuing up to show us why THEIR nation is the best, but we should never forget the heroes of past generations. We have picked 16 legendary players from 16 of the nations who competes in Russia and thrown them together in one electrifying Classic World Cup Stars team. Can you beat it?

Remember Eric Gerets? Michael Laudrup? How about Enzo Francescoli? If you are Belgian, Danish or Uruguayan, respectivelly, those are names that will conjure up images (or if you are old enough: memories) of amazing football eras gone by. The Classic World Cup Stars team is schock full of players who have made an imprint on the world of football and stirred up emotions like few others. Have a look yourself. Which of the players is your own personal favourite?

Play the Classic World Cup Stars team and earn a milestone badge!

You will be able to challenge the Classic World Cup Stars until July 15, 22.00 CET. You can earn one of the following three badges:
Play at least 2 Classic World Cup Stars challenges to earn yourself the emerald badge.
Gain at least 10 points in the World Cup Stars challenges to earn the purple badge
Finish inside the top 15 in the overall Classic World Cup Stars table to earn the black badge.

Win Club Membership!

Finish in the top 15 and earn yourself some Club Membership in addition to the milestone badge.

Prizes for Top 15
1 Club Membership 12 Months
2 Club Membership 6 Months
3 Club Membership 3 Months
4 Club Membership 2 Months
5 Club Membership 2 Months
6 Club Membership 1 Month
7 Club Membership 1 Month
8 Club Membership 2 Weeks
9 Club Membership 2 Weeks
10 Club Membership 2 Weeks
11 Club Membership 2 Weeks
12 Club Membership 2 Weeks
13 Club Membership 2 Weeks
14 Club Membership 2 Weeks
15 Club Membership 2 Weeks

The Club Membership and milestone badges will be handed out to all winners on July 17.

Now... let the games begin!