Play the Clue Team Challenge and solve the riddle

22-12-2017 13:00

It is time for a reprise of last year's smash hit Clue Team Challenge. It's a Special Team Challenge and a classic Christmas mystery, all rolled into one.

Just like last year, everyone has received two FREE challenges, which means you will be able to gain the emerald badge and be eligible for the Christmas mystery without any cost. The free Challenges can be used for any type of Challenge, including Scout Matches, so make sure you use them specifically for the Clue Team Challenge if you want to participate. Note that the free Challenges expire on December 31, 23.59 CET, so make sure to use them before then.

Challenge 1: play the Clue Team Challenge and earn Milestone Badges.

You will be able to challenge the Clue Team until December 31, 22.00 CET. You can earn one of the following three badges:
Play at least 2 Clue Team Challenges to earn yourself the emerald badge.
Gain a minimum of 10 points against the Clue Team to earn the purple badge
Finish inside the top 15 (or be the first to solve the riddle) to earn the black badge.

Challenge 2: Solve the Christmas mystery!

These are the instructions, so read them carefully.

Each player in the Clue Team represents, surprise... a clue! We are looking for:
1. the birth city of a legendary athlete.
2. the surname of a person who went to space.
3. a fictional character who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The code should be assembled as such: city_surname_character. For example: amsterdam_obama_batman.

When you think you know the code, go to the Clue Team Challenge 2017 page. Enter the code and click 'Guess'. If the answer was correct... voilĂ ! You have won the prize for everyone who took part in the Challenge.

If you or anyone else manage to solve the riddle, everyone who has earned any badge (including the emerald) in the Clue Team Challenge, will be rewarded.

Be fast!
For every day that passes without a correct guess, the reward will decrease. Rewards if the riddle is solved...
...before December 23, 23.59 CET: 100.000 Euro in Team Money
...before December 24, 23.59 CET: 75.000 Euro in Team Money
...before December 25, 23.59 CET: 50.000 Euro in Team Money
...before December 26, 23.59 CET: 40.000 Euro in Team Money
...before December 27, 23.59 CET: 30.000 Euro in Team Money
...anytime thereafter: 25.000 Euro in Team Money

We suggest that you work together through the forum in order to solve the riddle as quickly as possible!

Within the Clue Team squad of 16 players, 15 are real clues and one is a red herring (false clue). Each part of the code is represented by 5 clues/players. The order of the players in the team is completely random!

Head over to the Clue Team Challenge now and start playing/digging.

Note: the milestone badges and team money rewards for this event will be handed out in the first week of January.