Golden Generation Challenge

11-02-2017 09:00
Once in a while a generation of talents comes along that defies the pressures of young-adulthood and delivers results beyond their age. Not only is an MZ U21 World Cup trophy an incredible achievement in and of itself, it's also a good indicator of things to come on the Senior level. Romania (Hockey) and Argentina (Football) both did it during 2016 and now, a few seasons later and with a little more experience under their belts, they are ready to show off their skills against your team in our Golden Generation Challenge.

You will be able to challenge the Golden Generation team until Sunday February 12, 22.00 CET.

Play the Golden Generation Challenge and earn Milestone Badges

Play at least 2 Golden Generation Challenges to earn yourself the emerald Milestone Badge.
Gain a minimum of 10 points against the Golden Generation team to earn the purple Milestone Badge.
Finish inside the top 15 to earn the black Milestone Badge.

Earn invitation for a free Cup!

All Managers who gain at least 10 points against the Golden Generation team and earn the purple Milestone Badge will also be invited to a free Golden Generation Cup. The Cup will kick off on February 14 and everyone who qualify will be automatically added.

The games as they were

In the Football U21 World Cup 2016, Argentina led by juanbocchio overcame Romania by a score of 4-3 (Football link). See this news story for a video with highlights.

In Hockey, it was the same two countries popping up in the Final yet again, but this time the Romanian got the better of Argentina, winning 3-1 (Hockey link). NC for the Romanian Hockey Team on this occasion was elsacco.

Note: the Milestone Badges for this event will be handed out on February 14.

Golden Generation Challenge