Moustache Challenge - Earn a Milestone Badge!

11-11-2016 08:00
It is November yet again and you know what that means: it's time to let the old moustache grow. Women from Cleopatra to Lady Gaga have all yearned for men with a hardy cookie duster (and while that probably is not true at all, we will have no trouble pretending that it is).

As an endless stream of bikers, greasers and 70's athletes have shown, a moustache is just about the coolest thing you can put on your face. We have set up Special Challenge Teams of classic mustachioed players, one for each sport. In the Football team you will find 'stached gents like Carlos Valderama, David Seaman and Sócrates, while in Hockey the group of legends include Jaromir Jagr, Pekka Lindmark and of course the unforgettable Lanny McDonald.

In order to qualify for the emerald Moustache Milestone Badge, make sure to play at least one Moustache Team Challenge during the week.
To qualify for the purple Badge, you need to gain at least 11 points in the table (November being the 11th month and all... you get it), and not only will you gain the Purple Badge, we will also invite you to a free Moustache Cup.
Now if you really want to shine, go for the black badge. It is reserved for the Managers who finish inside the top 15 on the Moustache Team Special Challenge final table. This will also qualify you for the free Moustache Cup.

The contest has already started and the last chance to play the Moustache Challenge Team will be on Sunday November 13th, at 22.00 CET.

So head over to the Moustache Team Challenge page and start playing!

(And leave that razor alone.)