ManagerZone Fifteen Days of Fun – Day 5!

19-09-2016 16:00
On September 26th, it has been 15 years since ManagerZone was unveiled to the world. What began as a small-scale experiment in the south of Sweden, fuelled by a group of sports game enthusiasts, soon became a global sensation. Millions of people have been, and continue to be, thrilled by the prospect of developing their club from the ground up.

We are all very proud of having been part of something so awesome for so long.

Instant Matches 50% off

For the rest of this week, starting today, we will offer a 50% discount on all Instant Matches. That includes Scout Matches, Self-test Matches and Special Challenges such as the Crew Team Challenge.

You will pay just 1 Power Token instead of the regular 2.

Play the Crew Team Challenge - Chance to win Milestone Badge!

We are taking the Crew Team Challenge to a brand new level! To celebrate the 15th anniversary we are giving you the chance to earn one of two new Milestone Badges. To spice things up, we have made a few tweaks to the Crew Team tactics, and over the course of the week we will make further adjustments to keep you on your toes.
The Red Milestone Badge will go out to those who play at least 5 Crew Team Challenges this week.
The Purple Milestone Badge will be handed out to Managers who finish in the top 15 overall in this weeks table.
You have between today and Sunday 11.59AM, CEST to earn the Milestone Badge. The Special Challenges tables have been updated to include the top 15, and will also show your own progress whether you are in the top 15 or not. Go to Crew Team Challenge.