ManagerZone Fifteen Days of Fun – Day 1!

15-09-2016 13:00

On September 26th, it has been 15 years since ManagerZone was unveiled to the world. What began as a small-scale experiment in the south of Sweden, fuelled by a group of sports game enthusiasts, soon became a global sensation. Millions of people have been, and continue to be, thrilled by the prospect of developing their club from the ground up.

We are all very proud of having been part of something so awesome for so long.

Friendly League discount and Milestone Badge

Friendly Leagues are one of the most appreciated features in ManagerZone. Friendly Leagues are a great way to compete against friends and foes with a trophy and bragging rights at stake! We will up the ante and give out this cool Milestone Badge to everyone who wins at least 5 Friendly League matches played between today (Thursday the 15th September) and the 5th October (10.00 CET).

And that’s not all! We are also giving everyone a 20% discount on standard Friendly Leagues (including Friendly League Pools). The discount starts today (Thursday the 15th September) and ends on the the 5th October (10.00 CET)

Stay tuned because the fifteen days of fun has just started. We will start awesome deals and events every day for fifteen days!