Start Page updated with Community Section

26-06-2014 11:00
We've added a new section on our start page called "Meet the ManagerZone Community", where you'll find a presentation of your National Coach as well as a new video gadget displaying films that some of our Managers have created or contributed towards. A while back, we invited you all to send in your contributions; and we have handpicked a few to go with the new start page section.

If you're interested, below is a list of the users whose films we've now shared, the links will take you to their respective contributions on Youtube. If a movie is in a language other than English, they'll only appear for speakers of that language. (Note that the music has been chosen by us and not the video creator, so if the videos doesn't seem synched to the music, the blame falls on us and not the creator.)

fcmetz (France)
bavinok (USA)
cheetahcurtis (England)
cilginbay (Germany)
locul1numai1 (Romania)
mrchuy (Mexico)
patryk6527 (Poland)
xente (Spain)
anaizator (Ex Yugoslavia)

You can still send in movies!
We're looking for more localised content for our start page, and we're willing to reward you with one year of Club Membership if you create a video that we end up using. Search your local "ManagerZone Talk" forum for threads titled "Landing page video" for more information.