Snapshots update launched now

07-02-2024 11:00

We have just released a couple of important updates to our new Snapshots feature. If you are unsure what this is, you can read the initial release notes here. In this update we have added two new possibilities with Snapshots: the ability to save a Snapshot to your ManagerZone account via an interface and, once you have saved a Snapshot, the option to share it in forums and elsewhere without having to upload it elsewhere.

Saved Snapshots

You will always have the option of downloading a snapshot to your device. But starting today, you can save your snapshots right here on ManagerZone through the Saved Snapshots organizer. This can be accessed via the Squad Summary page via this button:

Once you save a Snapshot, the image will be stored until you choose to remove it. Everyone will start with 10 unlimited Snapshot slots that are free, but you can use Power Tokens to increase the number of slots permanently. Club Members will only pay half the price for additional slots.

Share your snapshots

Once you have saved a Snapshot to your account, you can head over to your Saved Snapshots and hit the "Copy link" button. It is the first of the four buttons seen here below:

To share in the forum, click the Image icon and paste the URL that you just copied. The Snapshot has now been shared. Once a snapshot has been shared in the forum it will remain in place, even if you later choose to remove the Snapshot from your Saved Snapshots.

We hope you have fun with these new features! Head over to the Squad Summary page now and start snapping.