Mid Season Tour! - Earn €600k and 3 TC places

07-02-2024 10:00

The season is approaching its halfway mark and as leagues intensify, some of us are beginning to struggle. The cash bonus awarded from the Mid Season Tour usually marks the start of ManagerZone's equivalent to "silly season", when plenty of managers use the extra cash to freshen up their squads. Don't miss this chance to get in on the action!

To secure the awards, you must fulfill one of the missions between Feb 7 2024, 10:00 and Feb 21 2024, 23:59, your local time. If you complete the tour, all awards will be added to your account on Feb 22 2024.


To complete the tour you must fulfill at least one of the following two missions:

Compete in 2 or more different Friendly Leagues

The friendly leagues must be started (i.e. the creator pressing the 'Start the League' button or a friendly league pool becoming full) between the tour dates to qualify.


Play 18 Friendlies

Play at least 18 friendlies between the tour dates.


3 additional training camp places. You will keep this benefit until the Mid Season Tour to be played during next season.

€600,000 in team money.

Milestone badge. Complete the tour to earn the Mid Season Tour milestone badge or upgrade it to a higher tier.

Note: if you completed last season's Mid Season Tour you will not gain new training camp places additional to those you already have. Instead, you will keep those benefits for 1 more season.

Note: all date and time indications display your local time.