Take part in the World Tour!

19-01-2024 10:00

Football is played from sub-Saharan desert towns to the icy plains of Greenland and though real-life hockey is a game primarily played where snow is found, in ManagerZone both games are global. To join this world-wide family you must leave your local comfort zone and pit your team against others who share the same desire as you: to go as far as they can possibly go. The World Tour is all about the international perspective, reach out to the world and you will be rewarded.

To secure the awards, you must complete all of the missions between Jan 19 2024, 10:00 and Feb 1 2024, 23:59, your local time. If you complete all the missions required for this tour, all awards will be handed out on Feb 2 2024.


To complete the tour you must meet all of the below requirements:

Join a World League. You can join the Senior, U18, U21 and/or U23 World League.

Take part in at least 1 of the 4 World Tour Cups*. These prized cups are now accepting entries:




2 additional work permits. You will keep this benefit until the World Tour to be played during next season.

5 additional training camp exchanges.

Milestone badge. Complete the tour to earn the World Tour milestone badge or upgrade it to a higher tier.

Note: if you completed last season's World Tour you will not gain new work permits additional to those you already have. Instead, you will keep those benefits for 1 more season.

*For the World Tour Cups there is an extra twist!
You will be awarded extra training camp places for joining the World Tour Cups.

If you join 1 cup, you will receive 1 training camp place.
If you join 2 or more cups, you will receive 3 training camp places.

These bonus places will be kept until next season's World Tour Cup awards are added, which means that you need to join the same amount of cups next season to keep the places after that.

Note: you will receive the extra training camp places regardless of whether you complete the World Tour or not.

Note: all date and clock indications display your local time.