Youth League signups closing soon

05-01-2024 10:00

Teams all around the globe are preparing for the next season of the U18, U21 and U23 Leagues! The signup closes Jan 7 2024, 23:59, your local time, and the new Youth League season starts Jan 10 2024.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Youth Leagues are the perfect place to focus on developing players in your squad, while competing against other teams with players of the same age. There are 3 separate leagues: U18, U21, and U23. Each league is split into regions or countries, depending on the number of participants from any one area.

The signup page can be found under Matches » Leagues » U18 League, U21 League, and U23 League

To participate in the Youth League format, 'season tickets' are required. One ticket will get you access to all three Youth Leagues (U18, U21, U23) for the upcoming season, and it will be deducted once the Youth League season starts.

U18 League | U21 League | U23 League
Upcoming season: 89 (Football) 81 (Hockey)
Signup: Open
Signup deadline: Jan 7 2024, 23:59
Start date: Jan 10 2024 (Round 1)

By signing up for at least one of the Youth Leagues you have completed one of the three missions to complete the Youth Tour. For more information about the tour, click here.

Note: all date and time indications display your local time.