Federations League dates for the upcoming season

02-01-2024 11:00

Season 88.2 in football and 80.2 in Hockey have just concluded. In the hockey game, we now know which 12 Federations will take part in the very first Top Division season. MZ Hockey EspaƱa won Division 1.1 and ZHL Maraton won Division 1.2, both with 11 straight victories. Time will tell if one of these two federations will take home the first gold trophy, or if another contender will emerge during the upcoming season. In the football game, meanwhile, we are getting ready to open up Division 2.

Here are the most important Federations League dates for the upcoming season.

Season 89.1 (football) 81.1 (hockey)
January 3: Federations League promotion/relegation*
January 5: Federations League first clash starts

Season 89.2 (football) 81.2 (hockey)
February 14: Federations League promotion/relegation will occur
February 16: Federations League first clash starts

*Please note: at 09.00 AM CET on January 3, you need at least 1 first team member, and/or your federation must have played in at least 1 match in a clash during the previous season, in order to be included in the Federations League upcoming season.