Youth Tour in progress!

02-01-2024 10:00

To prosper tomorrow, a club must look to develop their grassroots today. In ManagerZone terms there is no better way for you to prepare for the future than to devote time and funds to your club's youth academy. For youths to develop properly they must get the appropriate experience, competition and training early on. By completing the Youth Tour, you are well on your way towards achieving that goal.

To secure the awards, you must complete all of the missions between Jan 2 2024, 10:00 and Jan 14 2024, 23:59, your local time. If you complete all the missions required for this tour, all awards (including any tactic slots gained through the cups) will be handed out on Jan 15 2024.


To complete the tour you must meet all of the below requirements:

Own a Youth Academy with at least 16 players (20 in hockey) on Jan 14. The last day to order new youths is Jan 12, so make sure to have your academy up and running before then.

Take part in a minimum of 1 Youth League during the current season. You can join the U18, U21 or the U23 League. The deadline for joining the Youth Leagues is Jan 7 2024, 23:59.

Join at least 1 of the 3 Youth Tour cups*. The cups will start once the deadline for the Youth Tour has passed. These 3 prized cups are now accepting entries:




4 additional free youth places on the training camp. You will keep this benefit until the Youth Tour to be played during next season. Note that this will not give you extra places at training camp, but you will be able to send more youths to training camp for free.

1 extra youth exchange each week. You will keep this benefit until the Youth Tour to be played during next season.

Milestone badge. Complete the tour to earn the Youth Tour milestone badge or upgrade it to a higher tier.

*For the Youth Tour cups there is an extra twist!
You will be awarded 2 extra tactic slots for each Youth Tour cup you join. If you join all 3 Youth Tour cups, you will earn a total of 10 extra tactic slots.

If you join 1 cup, you will receive 2 tactic slots.
If you join 2 cups, you will receive 4 tactic slots.
If you join 3 cups, you will receive 10 tactic slots.

These bonus slots will be kept until next season's Youth Tour cup awards are added, which means that you need to join the same amount of cups next season to keep the slots after that.

Note: you will receive the extra tactic slots regardless of whether you complete the Youth Tour or not.

Note: all date and time indications display your local time.