Facebook Login will stop working on Dec 21

18-12-2023 13:00

Recently we learned of an issue that could affect our ability to keep offering Facebook Login as an option, and despite collaborating with the Facebook team, we have been unable to find a solution. Therefore, starting December 21, Facebook Login will no longer be available on ManagerZone.

For those who use Facebook Login to log in to ManagerZone, please take the following steps to make sure you don't lose access to your account:

1. Verify Your Email: Go to Edit Profile and verify that your email address is up to date (scroll down to "Change E-Mail"). If it is no longer valid, please update it. This ensures that you can always request a new password if needed.

2. Set a Password: If you registered with Facebook and haven't set a password (or if you have forgotten your password), please follow these steps to set a new password:

a) Go to the Login page, click on "Can't Login?" and follow the instructions to request a new password. You can reach the Login page by logging out or by opening ManagerZone in a private window.

b) Make sure you can log in to ManagerZone using your username and the new password. You can always change this password at the Edit Profile page.

If you need any help during this transition, feel free to contact us at community@powerchallenge.com.

We appreciate your understanding and we are sorry for the inconvenience.