Federations League starts in a few days

02-10-2023 15:00

The Federations League beta season has come to an end. In a few days, the first real Federations League season will begin and you will find out who your opponents for the upcoming season will be. If you want to get up to speed on how the first few seasons will play out, and how the league will be structured, you can read this news article to get the details. Below are the two most important dates that you need to keep in mind right now.

October 4 (day 2), 09.00 CEST: The new divisions are created and only federations with at least 8 first team members will be included.

October 6 (day 4), 09.00 CEST: The first clash starts and the away tactic for the first ever clash is locked, so make sure you have finalized your tactic by then.

Milestone badges now distributed

Everyone who have participated in at least one clash during the entire beta season have now been rewarded with a milestone badge and the lifetime of bragging rights that go with it. Head over to your profile screen now to admire your new milestone badge.