Last chance to secure the Season Break Tour bonus

25-09-2023 10:00

If you still haven't completed the missions for the Season Break Tour, there is still a chance to secure the tour bonus payout of €600,000 in team money or optionally, €300,000 in team money and 2 loyal players (3 in hockey).

If it is too late for you to meet the friendlies requirement, you can still secure the bonus by joining at least two friendly leagues that are started before Sep 27 2023, 23:59, your local time (started = the creator pressing the 'Start the League' button or a friendly league pool becoming full).

If you have not joined or been invited to any friendly leagues you can always enter our Friendly League Pools, which starts as soon as they are full. As long as two friendly leagues are started before the deadline you will complete the tour and earn the reward.

Note: all date and time indications display your local time.