Federations League divisions and rewards

22-09-2023 12:00

The first ever Federations League season is about to kick off in just a couple of weeks. All eligible federations (federations with at least 8 First Team members) will start from the lowest division, most likely division 4 or 5 in soccer and 2 or 3 in hockey, depending on the number of federations present from the start. We will then add one new division for every new season, getting us closer and closer to a full league system. Soon, one federation will lift the first ever Elite Division gold trophy.

Eventually, the league system will consist of a pyramid, with one Elite Division, two Division 1 groups, four Division 2 groups, eight Division 3 groups, and so on. At the end of every season, three federations will be promoted and six relegated from every group (with the exception of the Elite division where no promotion can be made, and the lowest division where no relegation can be made).

During the first few seasons, however, you will notice quite a few exceptions from these rules. More federations will be promoted and fewer relegated, since we need to fill up a division above which is currently empty. Once all groups across the entire league pyramid have been filled, we will eventually settle in to the standard three up, six down movement.

Federations League reward: additional Training Camp spot

In addition to the match income available by playing matches in clashes, we will also grant one additional Training Camp spot to anyone who has played in a minimum of six clashes for the same federation during a Federations League season. It will be added once the season has concluded, and keep in mind that there are two Federations League seasons in one regular season. The first season will be over on day 43 (November 14). Once you have gained your additional TC spot, you will need to keep playing in the Federations League in order to keep it.

Trophies in the Federations League

There will also be trophies awarded to federations (displayed on the federations front page), for certain league place finishes. See the table below. Individual users will also get the same trophy, as long as they have played in at least six clashes for that federation, during the season. Since there are only 11 rounds in a Federations League season, you can never play six clashes for more than one federation.

1st position in Elite Division

2nd position in Elite Division
3rd position in Elite Division
4th to 6th position in Elite Division
1st position in Division 1
2nd position in Division 1
3rd position in Division 1
1st position in Division 2

Federation Tour (former League of Federations) new trophies

With the new trophies being added as part of the Federations League, we have also given the Federation Tour trophies a facelift. These are the new Federation Tour trophies as of today.

Black trophy: 1st position

Purple trophy: 2nd position
Orange trophy: 3rd position
Yellow trophy: 4th to 10th position
Blue trophy: 11th to 20th position
Red trophy: 21st - 30th position
Green trophy: 31st - 50th position
Grey trophy: 51st - 75th position
Emerald trophy: 76st - 99th position

Stay tuned for more information in upcoming news articles

We have important information regarding the second Federations League season, a few rule changes and things you need to know, which we will write about in an upcoming article. Make sure to check the news regularly for additional details, so you can stay on top of the changes. We are also fixing bugs that have been reported during the beta, and the best way to stay on top of these minor changes is by checking this forum thread, where you can also ask questions.