Federations League beta restarted

15-09-2023 10:00

We have restarted the beta version of the Federations League for the final time. Any federations with a minimum of 8 first team members have been added and divisions have been shuffled. We have also made a couple of changes, read this news article to get the details. The very first edition of the Federations League starts at the beginning of next season, in early October.

Once the season has concluded we will also give out a milestone badge to everyone who have participated in at least one clash, during this entire beta season.

In a couple of weeks we will get the first season on the road, and the race to the top division will begin. Stay tuned for more news!

Please note: there is currently an issue in clashes, causing results to not be shown correctly. This is only temporary as we are working on a fix. Any matches played are stored correctly, and will be visible as soon as we have released a fix.

UPDATE: The issue has now been resolved and you should see the correct points again! We apologize for any inconvenience.