Time for U21 Knockout Cup [with Bounty]

08-09-2023 16:00

There is nothing more thrilling than a straight knockout contest without room for mistakes or second chances. Add a bounty reward on each participant's head and you have the ultimate challenge. Knock your way to the top, earning Power Tokens as you go!

5 Power Tokens of your entrance fee goes to a bounty on your head that your opponents earn if they manage to knock you out. You have the same chance to earn 5 Tokens for every match you win!

As there is a limit of participants in this cup (256 in football and 64 in hockey), no team is too far from the coveted champion belt, a unique opportunity to get your hands on that silverware. With new rounds EVERY day you surely need to play your A-game, so tweak the tactics and get ready to rumble.

Registration opens today!

Only 256 participants in football and 64 in hockey will be allowed in the cups. "First come, first served" basis is applied, so be sure to join right away before all spots are taken! If the cup gets full within the first 3 days, we will open the registration for another edition with the same settings and deadline.

Once the registration opens, you will be able to access the cup pages to join either by visiting Cups Home, or by pressing the buttons below:

What is a bounty?
A bounty is a reward that you get when eliminating a specific participant of a cup. In this cup, all participants have a bounty on them, which simply means that for each team you knockout, you will be rewarded 5 Power Tokens.

All bounties will be handed out when the cup has ended. The prize structure is presented on the information tab of the cup page.