Final beta restart - with a couple of changes

07-09-2023 16:00

We are still testing the new federation features and the third and final beta period will start on Friday September 15. Any federations with a minimum of 8 first team members will be added and divisions will be shuffled, one final time. We also have a couple of pretty major changes, read on below to find out. The first real season starts on October 3.

NEW: League groups (and seasons) halved
After feedback from community, and for a number of different reason, we have decided to cut the league group size from 24 to 12. Each federation will still face each federation in the same division group once, this has not changed.

As part of this change, we have also made the decision to halve the Federation League season length. This will mean that each normal ManagerZone season will consist of two Federation League seasons. Federation League seasons will follow a similar naming formula to the one used in the World Leagues. Season 88.1 will be followed by Season 88.2, then Season 89.1, and so on.

NEW: Points structure change
Also after taking aboard feedback from the community, we have decided to rethink how points are gained via clashes. Points will now be gained in pretty much exactly the same way as you are used to from the individual leagues. Winning a clash will contribute 3 points to the Federation league table, drawing will contribute 1 point and losing will result in 0 points being added. So no more bonus points. We will use points gained in clash matches as tiebreaker.

Federation X has played two clashes. They won both clashes and scored 50 match points in each. They will now have gained 3 points from each of these two clashes, resulting in 6 points total. They will have a tiebreaker match score of 100. The tiebreaker score will only be used to decide the ranking when two federations have the same amount of points.

More changes are coming
Among other things, we will be taking steps to ensure it will be harder for federations to help or hinder other federations in ways that may be considered unfair. Once we are ready to disclose details about these changes, we will publish information here in the news section. Some of the changes will be ready in time for the first real season, others won't. Once next season starts, the new federation features are no longer in beta, but you should consider this an ongoing "live" work in progress for now: these are major new features and we will be adjusting and tweaking as we go along, until we get everything right.

Milestone badge
As part of this important period in ManagerZone, we will hand out a milestone badge to everyone who "was there" and witnessed this firsthand. Everyone who has played in at least one clash throughout this current season (football: 87, hockey:79) will get the badge.