Federation Tour now in session!

28-08-2023 10:00

It is time for another edition of Federation Tour, where federations go head to head in a series of exciting Federation Tour Friendly Leagues! In the Federation Tour, everyone who is part of a federation can represent it, not just the first team.

The tour starts Aug 28 2023, 10:00 and closes on Sep 10 2023, 22:00, your local time.


Play at least 3 Federation Tour Friendly Leagues.


Milestone badge. Complete the tour to earn the Federation Tour milestone badge or upgrade it to a higher tier.

Federation reward. If your federation finishes in the top 99, they will be awarded a trophy.

Official cup. Everyone who completes the tour gets an invitation to the official Federation Tour Cup. To spice it up, the winning federation will be honored by the cup name.

Internal friendly cup for all participating federations.

  • The top 5 federations will get a free cup each, only open to their members.
  • All other participating federations will get a discounted cup (2) each, only open to their members. Don't forget to remind your president to prepare the Cup


The Federation Tour is a seasonal recurring contest played over a set period of time, usually around two weeks. You may represent any of your federations by opting in to the Federation Tour friendly leagues and select which federation you would like to represent for that league. Once the contest is over, or a few days thereafter, we will award trophies to all federations who have participated. The color of the trophy will depend on the final position of your federation:

Black trophy: 1st position

Purple trophy: 2nd position
Orange trophy: 3rd position
Yellow trophy: 4th to 10th position
Blue trophy: 11th to 20th position
Red trophy: 21st - 30th position
Green trophy: 31st - 50th position
Grey trophy: 51st - 75th position
Emerald trophy: 76st - 99th position

Your federation is awaiting your contribution. Head over to the Federation Tour now and start playing!

It is not possible to represent the ManagerZone Federation.

Note: all date and time indications display your local time.